5 Easy Steps

Step 5b – Start Connecting Your Family

When you first open Family Tree, you’ll notice your kids may be missing.  
Don’t panic!  Don’t call 911.  They’re not lost.  There’s nothing to get excited about.  You just need to add them in.  Click on “Add child” as shown below and you’ll have them all connected up in no time.


Your first job after you’ve registered and logged on to Family Tree, is to start connecting your family.  You’ll begin by connecting your kids, then you’ll methodically go back one generation at a time adding or finding your parents, grandparents, etc.

To connect to an ancestor, you’ll click “Add Husband” or “Add Wife” and a search window will open.  Type in a few details and then it’ll search to see if they’re in the database.  If they are, simply click “Submit.”  If they’re not in the database, then you’ll click “Add” and enter their pertinent details and that’ll add them.

Note re: Living Family Members — information regarding living persons (your children, spouse, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) is not shared in the Family Tree database.  Therefore, they need to be entered manually.


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Step 5c.  Check To See Who Needs Temple Ordinances





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