5 Easy Steps

Stay Focused In Your Research

Take your time.  Focus on one or two lines at a time.  And enjoy the journey.


Research Principle #3

Don’t Hop, Skip and Jump Around.
Research Just One or Two Ancestral Lines At A Time.

As mentioned before, once you get started the natural inclination is to find as much as you can…as fast as you can.  Which is understandable.

The only problem is, this will quickly lead to sensory overload (and panic and frustration) as you try to pursue, track, and follow-up on a gazillion leads on fifty different ancestors all at the same time! — and end up dashing here and there on the Internet or at the library, and after awhile unable to remember which websites you visited for which ancestors, and exactly what information you found (or didn’t find).

So, the answer is — after you’ve checked to see what work has “already been done” — to organize your research and restrict your research to one or two ancestral lines.  Then as you complete those, move on to others.

This way you methodically — and sanely — proceed on your family history research.


1)  Family history is meant to be an enjoyable experience, and

2)  It’s not a race.  It’s a lifelong endeavor, and you certainly don’t want to be a family history hog…you want to leave some work for your kids to do…so, take your time and enjoy yourself.

P.S. — New information will often come in that’s too tempting to put aside — and you’ll want to start working on it even though you haven’t finished the current lines you’re working on.  It’s not a sin.  No need to talk to the bishop.  It’s okay to do this…because family history is meant to be fun and enjoyable.  Just make sure you’ve kept some good notes so you can pick up your current project again knowing exactly where you left off.

Also remember, it’s your family history…you can do whatever you’d like!



Principle #4.  Think Like A Detective




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