5 Easy Steps

Find A Family History Consultant

We have a wonderful group of fine Family History Consultants in our stake who are ready and anxious to help you with your family history.


Whether you’re just getting started, or whether you need some guidance in researching your family, or just need some help preparing names for temple work with Family Tree, please call one of the Family History Consultants in your ward—they’re ready to give you a helping hand.

Their phone numbers are listed in the Stake Directory.

Asheboro Ward

  • Amy Aureden
  • Ken Brinkman
  • Dave Craig
  • John Deese
  • Barbara Wagner

Colfax Ward

  • Larry Allen
  • Natalie Allen

High Point Ward

  • Katie Griffith
  • Steve Griffith
  • John Schultheiss

Kernersville Ward

  • Lyle Cox

Lakefield Ward

  • Lorena Fields
  • Kerri Jenkins
  • Phil Mansfield
  • Pete Palmer
  • Linda Redwine
  • Pam Staley

Salisbury Ward

  • Bob Craig (Jr)
  • Steve Norman
  • Leigh Shelton

Welcome Ward

  • Roy Dickenson
  • Linda Maw
  • Marie Murray
  • Sherry Smith



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