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Warning – Family History Can Get Mushy

Husbands and wives…this could happen to you.  Please be careful.


Forewarned is to be forearmed.

When you’re working on your family history, not only are “the hearts of the fathers [turned] to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers” (D&C 27:9) — but quite often the hearts of the wives are turned to their husbands, and the hearts of the husbands are turned to their wives.

This well-documented phenomenon is called FHSRIS (Family History Spousal Romantic Inclination Syndrome), and is apparently due to family history pheromones generated by diligent family history activity.

Scientists have not been able to duplicate this in the laboratory.  But, it’s been well-observed throughout the Church.  Therefore — so as not to embarrass our Temple & Family History Consultants — it’s recommended that husbands and wives do not work on their family history together in the presence of any of our consultants, and certainly do not sign up to take any Family History Classes together down at the Heber Family History Center.*

Smooching is fine.  But, let’s just keep it private.



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* just kidding, of course.

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