5 Easy Steps

Introduction – How To Get Started

Are you ready to try The High Point 5-Step!  You’re gonna love it — it’s easy.



There are 5 Basic Steps — and the first three get you set up and started right.

Begin with a Pedigree Chart and, starting with yourself, list what you currently know about your family.

Now you’re ready to begin the “High Point 5-Step” by getting yourself registered and organized. Here’s what to do:

Step 1.  Register for Family Tree – this is the Church’s fabulous website you’ll use to submit names for temple work.

Step 2.  Organize Your Stuff – a little organization goes a long ways towards making your family history enjoyable and rewarding. There are five things involved in getting organized:

a)  Gather — Get Your Family History Stuff together into one place.

b)  File Folders — Set Up Some File Folders to organize all your information.

c)  Sort — Place Your Gathered Family History Stuff into the right file folders.

d)  Computer — Enter Your Family Information Into A Computer — if you don’t have one, computers (and help) are available in all the ward buildings.

e)  Binder — Set Up Your Family History Binder — this is where you’ll keep your Pedigree Charts, notes, checklists, guides, etc.

Step 3.  Set Up The Bookmarks (Favorites) On Your Internet Browser — this will give you instant access to all the main family history websites you’ll want to use.

Now that you’re registered and organized,
you’re ready for the last two steps:

Step 4.  Research Your Family — this is the fun, exciting part.  And we’ve got a handy Checklist to make it even easier.

Step 5.  Take The Names To The Temple — this is the important, rewarding part. All of our family history efforts lead to the crowning blessing of having the temple work performed for our ancestors.

So dive in!  The water’s fine. And remember, if you need any help at all, please contact a Family History Consultant in your ward.


Step 1.  Register For “Family Tree”




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